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Bank Technology

With the rapid growth of financial technology, banks of all sizes—from individual community banks to super regional and global banks—require software, data and tech-enabled services that help them stay competitive and automate complex and often manual processes like lending, mortgage issuance, customer onboarding and risk management. That’s why some of the largest opportunities lie in products that address pain points like complex manual workflows.

We partner with banking technology companies whose products support digital transformation, drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience across a variety of end markets, including core banking, mortgage, lending and leasing, capital markets technology, identity, compliance and risk management. Ultimately, we believe that technology makes the banking system more agile and resilient. 

History and Future of Bank Technology

As the banking industry undergoes a digital transformation to serve customers better, we see a substantial opportunity to replace legacy solutions with modern, best-in-class technology.

Brian Radic Brian Radic Managing Director

At THL, we have had the privilege of partnering with leading banking technology businesses, including FIS and Black Knight. We continue to use our decades of experience and robust network to search for new investment opportunities.

Ganesh Rao Ganesh Rao Managing Director, Head of Financial Technology & Services
Odessa announces investment from Thomas H. Lee Partners to accelerate growth
Odessa announces investment from Thomas H. Lee Partners to accelerate growth