Enhancing go-to-market operations for an asset management software provider

Odessa is a provider of asset leasing software which enables clients to manage the end-to-end leasing workflow for equipment and other asset types. We are partnering with the company to improve sales operations and win new enterprise customers in the company’s core North American market and beyond.

The Opportunity

Odessa provides modern software to help manage equipment leases for enterprises, including captive leasing organizations, large banks and independent leasing businesses. The company’s cloud-native software supports the end-to-end leasing workflow through origination, servicing and remarketing. Each year, companies lease millions of pieces of equipment, from computers and printers to lawnmowers and jet engines—providing plenty of opportunities for Odessa to grow.

The Challenge

At the beginning of our partnership, Odessa had a best-in-class product, but had potential to expand its reach.

The Results

We worked closely with Odessa’s co-founders, who served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer until mid-2023 (now Executive Chairman and Executive Vice-Chairman), to transition leadership to a new CEO and leadership team. Additionally, we collaborated to grow the company’s customer base and drive further innovation in the leasing sector.

Go-to-market optimization

The company enhanced its go-to-market and delivery capabilities by establishing a regional sales coverage model, starting a revenue operations team and improving processes around product delivery and account management.

Strategic growth

Odessa launched a strategic initiative to capitalize on emerging innovation in the equipment finance space, including subscription business models. Odessa won four new system deals in the innovative subscription space.

Global reach

The company hired key leaders in Europe, Asia and the United States. It also onboarded three new enterprise customers, including one based in Europe.

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