The THL Automation Fund invests in partnership with the flagship fund in companies that provide automation products, software or services, using technology to improve productivity in business processes.  Companies spanning multiple end markets are rapidly adopting automation to drive efficiency, accuracy and speed across business applications, to counter persistent labor shortages, to accommodate heightened customer demands and to address increasing supply chain complexity.  Automation companies typically employ one or more of three business models:

  • Products – Companies that provide hardware technology (e.g., robotics, machine vision or sensors)
  • Software – Companies that provide software to automate decision-making and analytics (e.g., controls software, artificial intelligence and machine learning, or robotic process automation)
  • Services – Companies that provide services related to procurement, design, integration, implementation, and/or management of automation products and software (e.g., systems integration, analytics, monitoring / maintenance firms)

THL has a deep and experienced team to execute our Automation investment strategy, combining extensive investment experience with hands-on operating, management and technology expertise.  As one of the leading private equity firms in Automation investing, we are able to bring industry expertise, innovation, insight, and partnerships to help portfolio company management pursue growth.