Strategic Resource Group

Working in partnership to create lasting value

When we partner with a business, we roll up our sleeves to support the team. Members of our Strategic Resource Group (SRG) work side-by-side with the company, bringing extensive operating experience and a deep understanding of key growth levers. Together, we work to achieve a shared vision.

Who we are

We design Value Creation Plans, drawing on five operating levers that we’ve found especially effective at driving and accelerating growth in the middle market.

Our key areas of expertise

What partnership means to us

  • Our team works in close concert with the management team and the investment team. We all have our different roles to play, whether it’s providing day-to-day operational management, a unique perspective on the industry and the market or accelerating resourcing. But at the end of the day, we've locked arms—trying to drive outcomes together.

    Hitesh Anand Hitesh Anand Director, SRG
  • We really care about the companies. We care about the results. We care about the people. And so I think that’s a differentiator for SRG.

    Jane Jhun Jane Jhun Vice President of Talent, SRG
  • We’re actively involved inside the portfolio companies, helping them—whether we’re project-managing or acting as staff, working on strategy or helping find vendors to solve problems. We share the same objectives and we work together as partners all the way through the investment.

    Michael Kaczmarek Michael Kaczmarek Managing Director
  • It starts with listening to management teams. Based on the pattern recognition of working with numerous middle-market companies, our Strategic Resource Group has, over time, focused on the five specific capabilities that are most relevant to businesses. We like to say we focus on what matters.

    Dan Jones Dan Jones Chief Operating Officer, Head of SRG
  • What makes our team special is that we get our hands dirty with the management teams. We dive in, get on the ground and work side by side to drive value during our whole partnership.

    Gazal Sikand Gazal Sikand Managing Director, SRG

What our partners have to say

  • They really listened to me and my management team. Given their vast experience—not only in business, but also within our industry—they helped bring the team together to understand how we could be successful in the marketplace.

    Bart Valdez CEO, Ingenovis Health
  • What they bring to the table is exactly what we needed. We worked hand in hand for a good 18 months, and without THL, we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have had the direction, the partnership or the view of what we could do versus just what was in my imagination.

    Cat Davies Chief Solutions Officer, Hightower
  • We've had a close working relationship on topics ranging from go-to-market, to product, down to procurement, IT and HR. Being able to work with a team of experienced experts that really only has one goal—to create value for us as a company—has been extremely valuable.

    Matts Hovland Vikse Chief Revenue Officer, AutoStore
  • THL would come to our office and our internal team couldn’t differentiate whether they were from THL or CSafe. They incorporated themselves well into the business. Over the last six years the SRG team has been a really good partner for us.

    Pat Schaefer CEO, CSafe
  • It’s really been a true partnership in that THL and the SRG team are willing to roll up their sleeves with us.

    Alex Lewis Chief of Staff, Amerilife