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At THL, we apply an integrated private equity model that breaks down traditional silos to create teams of senior investment and operating professionals, and executive partners—each with years of deep sector experience and relationships across our focus areas.

Integrated Private Equity

We don’t do handoffs. Our integrated teams work together as one over the full life cycle of an investment. From developing deep sector expertise and relationships to partnering with management teams in the development and execution of Value Creation Plans—we believe our approach delivers quicker, advantageous outcomes.

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Investment Teams

Our investment professionals know our portfolio companies’ businesses inside and out. They speak the same language and bring deep domain expertise and industry relationships to each partnership.

Strategic Resource Group (SRG)

Our operating experts bring targeted functional expertise to identify where—and how—we can make the greatest impact and help management teams grow and scale their businesses.

Executive Partners*

These former C-suite executives have been in the trenches. The lessons they’ve learned over decades of industry leadership make them an indispensable outside resource to our management team partners.

Our Process

Identify the sector opportunity

Decisions about where to invest are not ones we make lightly—they’re built on thousands of hours of research and pressure testing. With more than 40 years of experience under our belt, we’ve learned to identify sectors where we believe we can provide the most value.

Develop the ISO

We spend years developing expertise in each Identified Sector Opportunity and building a deep bench of relationships, including current and former CEOs, C-suite leaders, analysts, end customers and consultants. By the time we’re ready to explore partnerships, we have built the credibility necessary to make the greatest impact.

Create value

We partner hand in glove with management teams to develop and execute Value Creation Plans designed to drive growth and scale—benefiting employees, customers and stakeholders alike.

The Strategic Resource Group

Our experienced team of operating experts are on-the-ground partners. They work alongside management teams in their offices and warehouses and on their factory floors—always ready to roll up their sleeves to help drive growth.

Our SRG team focuses on five key growth levers:

  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • M&A
  • Product and Technology
  • Talent and Organization
  • Scalability
Learn more about our SRG team

Executive Partner Program

Our Executive Partner Program* leverages the power of learned experience. Over 20 C-suite professionals, including several past and present CEOs, provide extensive industry reach and expertise within each of our ISOs. They serve as trusted advisors for our management team partners.

  • It's exciting to work alongside my THL colleagues interacting with new companies, new management and new product ideas bent on making an impact. THL has a great team, with an open, inquisitive, analytical attitude shaped by diverse professional backgrounds, which makes it enjoyable to work with them.

    Dan Patt Dan Patt Executive Partner
  • All PE firms provide capital, but only a few, like THL, truly provide their portfolio companies with experience and technical resources to build better companies, products and financial outcomes.

    Gary DeGruttola Gary DeGruttola Executive Partner
  • I can honestly say that THL’s approach is unique. They combine strong subject knowledge with a true partnership mentality. That combination is all too rare.

    Bret Quigley Bret Quigley Executive Partner
  • THL is differentiated in its focus on growth and leveraging its investment team, strategic resource group and executive advisors to help our partner companies expand their growth aspirations and to successfully realize their next phase.

    Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert Executive Partner

Capital Markets

Our partner companies often require a trusted advisor to help them structure and arrange debt and equity financings.

THL’s Capital Markets team weds deep expertise in capital markets across a wide range of industries and products, with differentiated access to capital through strong relationships in the banking and lending community.

We are capable of advising and executing across a broad range of financing products, markets and transaction types.

The pace and complexity of the financing markets have increased over the last several years, and the need for capital markets expertise has never been greater. We help management teams navigate these markets and work with them to set up sustainable, flexible capital structures designed to help their companies succeed in any market environment.

Greg Maxon Greg Maxon Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets


* Executive Partners are consultants, not employees of THL. Please see Important Information for further detail.


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