Focus that drives results

Expertise matters. That’s why we dedicate time and resources to develop Identified Sector Opportunities, or ISOs, within three high-growth industry verticals: Financial Technology & Services, Healthcare and Technology & Business Services.

Our approach values focus and discipline. We aspire to be the best practitioner of private equity in each ISO where we invest.

Identified Sector Opportunities (ISOs)

Focus and Rigor

When we invest in a particular sector, it’s because we have strong conviction that we can make a difference. We’ve already dedicated years of research, relationship-building and diligence.

Building an Ecosystem

Once we’ve identified a sector opportunity, we assemble a network of the best operators, veteran executives and experts in the field and, together, stake out a thought leadership position. We’re ready to partner with management teams from day one, because we don’t need to learn their sector — we already invested the time and resources to become recognized leaders.

Continuous Process

As industry dynamics change over time, we continuously evaluate our ISOs to ensure that we are working in sectors where we know we can add value. We scrutinize existing identified sectors annually and evaluate new ones on a constant basis. Ours is a dynamic, not a static, process

Vertical Expertise

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