Finding growth opportunities for an e-commerce enablement software company

We partnered with Bazaarvoice to help the company expand its go-to-market function, attract talent and develop product offerings.

Bazaarvoice is an e-commerce enablement software company. Its full-funnel shopper engagement platform powers the collection, curation and display of user-generated content like ratings and reviews, photos, videos and Q&A across the digital shopping journey. Since the company’s partnership with THL, Bazaarvoice has focused on building strong leadership, enhancing and executing its go-to-market strategy and extending the company’s product vision.

The Opportunity

Bazaarvoice is a leading developer of e-commerce enablement software with a full-funnel shopper engagement platform that powers the collection, curation and display of user-generated content, including ratings and reviews, photos, videos and Q&A. As e-commerce expands to serve more diverse industries, and consumers rely more on curated content to choose products that best meet their needs, Bazaarvoice had a huge opportunity to grow.

The Challenge

At the beginning of our partnership, Bazaarvoice provided a mission-critical service as a software platform that collects, moderates, quality-controls and distributes user-generated content across digital channels. But the company was looking to strengthen its leadership and expand its market share.

The Results

We are working with Bazaarvoice to support its growth in three key areas: human capital, by helping the organization attract and retain top talent; go-to-market, by working alongside the management team to expand the company’s sales function; and product and technology, by identifying the right places for long-term investment.

Leadership expansion

Collaborating with the CEO, we helped recruit and hire nine new executives within the first 18 months of our partnership.

Enhanced sales function

We supported the company’s Chief Revenue Officer in clarifying roles and responsibilities across the 300-person sales team, improving sales support capabilities and enhancing the RevOps function.

Product vision and development

Partnering with the company’s Product and Technology leaders, we helped develop a long-term product vision and M&A strategy, create a short- to mid-term development roadmap and build new product features that meet clear customer needs.

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