Strengthening the product strategy for a leader in workflow software

We partnered with Alfresco Software to support its mission-critical technology, enhancing the company’s product strategy and go-to-market capabilities.

Alfresco Software, Inc., helps businesses operate more efficiently with open-source software for best-in-class enterprise content management. This technology enables over 11 million people at organizations around the world to share documents seamlessly. Favorable market positioning, product leadership and cloud deployment made Alfresco a competitive leader in its space. The company has worked to augment its sales organization, invest in industry recognition and build a leading customer success model.

The Opportunity

Alfresco Software helps businesses operate more efficiently with technology that powers best-in-class enterprise content management—enabling employees to retain, manage and share documents and processes across cloud, mobile, hybrid and on-premise environments. Over 11 million people at industry-leading organizations in 195 countries around the globe use the company’s products. As more businesses rely on remote or hybrid work environments, Alfresco’s technology is critical and positions the company for growth.

The Challenge

At the start of our partnership, Alfresco Software was already a market leader. But its management team believed they could not only serve a growing market but also transform how companies organize their workflow in a changing world.

The Results

We partnered with Alfresco Software to help the management team take advantage of growth opportunities and support investments in the company’s go-to-market capabilities and product enhancements.

Product improvements

Alfresco Software integrated its product and engineering organizations and realigned its platform roadmap, which led to a successful launch of an out-of-the-box cloud deployment model (PaaS) that provides greater value for customers in less time and at a lower cost.

Customer growth and retention

The company reorganized its enterprise software sales force, resulting in dramatic growth. Enterprise customers, as a percentage of annual recurring revenues (ARR), grew from  approximately 19% to 30% and ARR gross retention grew from 89% to 92%.

Increased investments

The management team developed new relationships with channel partners, causing leading Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) to double their investment in Alfresco-certified Associates.

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