It’s exciting to work with THL to discover new companies and then work with colleagues and management teams to bring impactful technology to market.”

As an Executive Partner to the Technology & Business Solutions vertical, Dan works with the investment team to source and diligence deals in Identified Sector Opportunities (ISOs), including Industrial Technology & Services, Workflow & Process Automation, Robotics and Marketplaces. He also collaborates with both the Strategic Resource Group and portfolio management teams to develop Value Creation Plans and advise leadership on key strategic and operating decisions. Dan currently works on business and technology strategy with STR, an artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company. He has over 15 years of experience, specializing in operating and technology growth strategies that prove technology creates human opportunity.

Before partnering with the THL team, Dan held a number of leadership roles, including Co-Founder and CEO at Vecna Robotics, Deputy Director in the Strategic Technology Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and VP and Director of Technology Opportunities at Karem Aircraft. In his spare time, Dan is an inventor in his own right and has built and flown robotic aircraft, holds three patents and enjoys writing about strategy at the intersection of technology and society. He also loves running, backpacking, traveling and spending time with his daughters, who keep him mentally and physically challenged.

Technology & Business Solutions (TABS)