Value-Added Partner

We seek to build value by providing operational support and strategic insights and relationships to our portfolio companies.

Our Strategic Resource Group is a dedicated team of seasoned senior professionals with operating and consulting backgrounds. This internal operating team offers a broad suite of scalable services in critical areas such as human capital management and organizational design, technology and innovation, go-to-market strategy and execution, operations and productivity, M&A integration and cross portfolio services.

SRG is embedded in our deal teams, helping to identify key growth, operating and organizational initiatives. SRG then partners with our management teams to implement key elements of this value creation plan.

We strive to align organizational design and management incentive programs with the strategic objectives underpinning our investment thesis. We invest in people and resources to expand an organization in support of accelerated growth.

In the last decade, we have helped our portfolio companies identify, complete and integrate over 200+ follow-on acquisitions. In addition, we have developed significant cross-portfolio service offerings in supply chain management and procurement, healthcare plan design and information technology.

SRG Team