Jagjit P Singh


Joined Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2016.

Jagjit P Singh is a director at Thomas H. Lee Partners. Prior to joining Thomas H. Lee Partners, he was a chief architect (Consulting) in the commercial division at inVentiv Health, managing multiple strategic initiatives.

Prior to inVentiv, Mr. Singh worked in a variety of corporate technology roles, most recently as vice president and head of Big Data for Warner Music Group, where he was previously senior director and head of the SAP Customer Center of Excellence.  Prior to Warner Music Group, Jagjit held highly technical positions at Merck & Co where he leveraged technology to streamline and transform operations resulting in material business improvements.  He has pioneered innovation with expertise in bridging the gap between technical capability and business functionality.

Mr. Singh holds a B.E. in Computer Science from MGM's College of Engineering in Nanded, Maharastra, India, with a major in artificial intelligence and parallel processing.

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