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Workflow & Process Automation

Workflow and Process Automation software is designed to either to make highly repetitive, manual tasks more efficient or to optimize business processes through the application of advanced computing against large data sets. Process automation, including the application of artificial intelligence or machine learning, is a $30+ billion addressable market, and is often ranked among the top priorities for investment by enterprise leaders.   

Our Workflow & Process Automation ISO cuts across diverse industries to power essential business functions. We organize our efforts to include product and engineering (e.g., dev ops, IT ops and data management), human capital management, supply chain and procurement, among others.

Software can improve back office processes in distinct and impactful ways. Our goal is to invest behind market leaders developing workflow automation software, driving process improvement in different business functions.

Jim Carlisle Jim Carlisle Managing Director, Head of Technology & Business Solutions, Head of Automation Fund

We operate in an environment with distributed and global work force and supplier network, need for speed to market and continuous product enhancements – this can only be seamlessly driven by using workflow tools that provide a single-pane into what’s going on and help teams collaborate.

Gaurav Mittal Gaurav Mittal Managing Director, Business Development