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Robotics enables companies to unlock demand through higher throughput and more efficient  operations, despite labor shortages, and to complete increasingly challenging physical tasks. 

Our Robotics ISO includes companies with technologies that can be sold across multiple end markets, including agriculture, home construction, manufacturing and beyond.

It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. We believe companies that embrace automation are more likely to experience above-market growth and lead the pack.

Michael Kaczmarek Michael Kaczmarek Managing Director

Robots have had a profound impact on the progress and development of our civilization - far exceeding how cars efficiently connected villages & towns, and airplanes efficiently connected continents… we are excited about the dynamic nature of this continued emerging sector with diverse set of opportunities.

Gaurav Mittal Gaurav Mittal Managing Director, Business Development

Robotics enable what wasn’t otherwise possible—opening up both possibilities and efficiencies.

Jim Carlisle Jim Carlisle Managing Director, Head of Technology & Business Solutions, Head of Automation Fund