Strategic Resource Group

We formed our Strategic Resource Group ("SRG") in early 2006 as an internal resource available to help portfolio company management teams accelerate the achievement of operating objectives. The development of SRG was a logical, evolutionary step in our long history of helping growth companies maximize their goals.

SRG is a senior, seasoned team of 10-12 operating professionals generally with a blend of operating and consulting backgrounds and strong cross-functional expertise. Their backgrounds include years of experience in senior positions of companies such as Aetna Property Casualty, Bain & Company, Clear Channel Communications, General Electric, LAN Airlines, Merck & Co., Monitor Group and Warner Music Group.

Our integrated deal teams consist of investment professionals and SRG members working side by side, partnering with portfolio company management teams to identify and implement the key strategic and operating priorities that we believe are important to success. SRG is generally involved in transactions from due diligence through realization and will also assist in the integration efforts of follow-on acquisitions.

SRG is focused on implementation, not just analysis, providing portfolio company management with daily, on-site resources to help affect change in an organization. SRG partners with management on high priority projects, and works deep in organizations as catalysts for change. SRG employs a leveraged operating model, working with dedicated portfolio company personnel in order to embed change in an organization more effectively. SRG will also access specialized external resources as necessary. 


Assessing Operating Teams and Capabilities Across Different Private Equity Models